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I <3 Dogs Wk 1: It's Saturday!

That’s right, the weekend is here! What do dogs and weekends have in common? Pet adoption fairs! The weekend is the most popularCourtesy of time to put on an adoption fair. Let’s face it, most of the folks in the rescue world have other jobs during the week or are dedicated to vet runs, transporting, and half a dozen other activities all in the name of the furry folk! Saturday’s are the day that these folks gather at Petco’s and other locations (dependent on your state) to show off the animals they genuinely love and want to see placed in a forever home.

Pawsibilities typically holds adoption fairs on Saturdays, courtesy of the wonderful Petco in Lees Summit, MO. Each one is an event of its own because other rescues show up to participate too. It’s a great place to talk dogs, even if you’re not planning on adopting. A great source of info, and volunteering to help with one is extremely rewarding. There’s a ton of planning and organization that goes into each one. Bathing the dogs, making flyers or cards with the dog’s info (history, stats, temperament, etc.), gathering of needed materials (applications, business cards, pens), and so much more.  Every rescue has their own style and action, but the one thing they all want is to make sure they’re equipped with the necessary things to help get their furry friends noticed.

I’m continuously humbled by the effort that goes into each adoption fair, and any rescue that holds them on a regular basis gets my undying appreciation because it’s not easy. Though the most successful ones are the ones that give visitors the impression of easy and organized. So my questions for you: Have you been to a pet adoption fair? Did you adopt a furry friend there? Have you ever volunteered to help with a pet fair?

Don’t forget there’s still two days to comment on any of the posts (ours or our participants) for week 1 and get entered in this week’s prize giveaways. What’s up for grabs: A e-book copy of  PRINCIPLE DESTINY by David A. Cleinman, or a $15 gift card to the ultimate Frappaccino destination, Starbucks.


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One thought on “I <3 Dogs Wk 1: It's Saturday!

  1. Lees Summit Petco: Typically features and
    I believe this Petco also has a Pit Bull Rescue.
    These rescues will have quite a few dogs of all sizes and personalities and often cats as well.

    Blue Springs, Mo Petco:
    Karma’s has cats featured there daily. They also do pet fairs for cats and dogs 3 Saturdays a month. Usually has adorable kittens and pups.

    Pawsibilities Are Endless: Typically has 3-5 medium to large dogs at each event, usually brings dogs that have been in a pound or shelter for over a month, the harder to adopt dog. Most of the time will have senior dogs available. This group drives 3 hours round trip to host events so typically does only 1-2 events per month.

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