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Protect your dogs, protect your assets

A recent story from the local news station in Kansas City delivered some big ‘warning flags’, couple that with a recent rescue credit card breach (which we got zipped up tight right away) and security is now more important than ever.

The KMBC 9 News team reported that a Harrisonville Animal Shelter, Friends of the Friendless, had their computers hacked 3 weeks ago. Donations were stolen, and over a million dollars in checks written. Luckily, Bank of America, the bank the shelter held an account with, replaced the funds and put a stop to the issue fairly quickly.

Regardless this story highlights a big warning: protect your accounts. In this modern age, and with hackers/scam artists running rampant, it’s important to be vigilant. Change passwords frequently and mix it up. While it’s recommended to pick a password that everyone can remember, I would caution against it.  Don’t be afraid to complicate things, people who need access will adjust. Also protect your checks, credit cards, and any other financial related item that ties into your donations or accounts.

To me, this is a good reminder that no one is safe and no account is safe. You have to do everything you can to protect your assets for your sanity and the animals you’re assisting.


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