Small Town Rescue

Pawsibilities are Endless' catalog of rescue tales. When we say 'it's all going to the dogs' we mean it!

Why I’m in rescue

Everyone’s got a reason why. A reason for becoming part of a rescue and assisting animals. Whether their story originates from younger experiences to something not so far in the past, the stories are singular and unique. To help readers get to know us better here are our stories.

Lora–  A few years ago my family helped city workers catch a dog that had been running Windsor for over a month. He’d been shot at, people were having their own dogs attack him and he was skin and bones. His owner told the city workers if he ever came back they’d shoot him. We contacted the rescue that was helping the pound at the time about fostering him and I’ve been in rescue ever since.

Monica– I am in rescue to help animals find forever homes. I grew up on a dirt road where people constantly were dumping animals. I can’t count how many strays we took in through the years! When I started working for a vets office after high school, people would bring dogs they wanted to get rid of all the time up there and we could not take them. It broke my heart to know there were so many animals out their that were just simply not wanted. My goal in volunteering in rescue is to advise those people that have to get rid of their animals how to do it the right way and to find great homes for those that have none. They deserve a happy, safe and loving home too!

Landra– When I was younger, I had a dog. How I loved my dog! He was a bassett hound named Grunter. The name came from the family friend who gave him to us. He was sweet, and as a puppy used to trip over his ears and crash into walls chasing me around the house. As I grew older I spent less time with him, moving on to the typical activities of a teenager. Eventually my father said that he was giving Grunter to someone else, we didn’t have the time or money for him any longer. I don’t really know what happened to my dog, supposedly he was taken to a farm with other bassetts that he could play with. Years later I found my passion to have another close pet was real, unfortunately I’m allergic to dogs or at least their dander. No loveable dog would grace my bed or cuddle with me on the couch, so I decided to help by assisting a rescue. I’m no superhero, but just the chance to give one dog a home and to know it’s a good place for them reminds me of my own dog. Now I don’t have to hope they’re in a good place, I know it.


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