Small Town Rescue

Pawsibilities are Endless' catalog of rescue tales. When we say 'it's all going to the dogs' we mean it!

So it begins…

Keeping up with the times is sometimes hard to do. The goal of anyone or group out there is to make their presence known through acquiring web space. While our humble rescue already as a website, we thought it made sense to embark on a blog to share our tales of woe, happiness, and the dogs that touch our hearts.

We hope you take the time to visit and celebrate (or commiserate) with us! Let’s just say, “The fun has just begun.”

What’s the overall goal– to share our story, but also to provide some of the knowledge we’ve amassed about dogs, rescue work, and the plethora of wonderful organizations/people we have gotten to know since launching our small town rescue over a year ago.

You can get a load more info on our about us page. Posts will start appearing regularly, and we love to hear comments or stories from others. If you love rescue dogs, like we do, I’m sure you’ll be entertained and at least a bit intrigued in the days and times of some small town rescue workers.

Welcome to our journey!

-Landra, Pawsbilities are Endless Director of Marketing/PR



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